Dark Gray Entertainment is an entertainment company by investor and marketing entrepreneur Gregory Gray. The role of Dark Gray Entertainment is to develop high quality, English-language motion pictures which have wide-appeal throughout Europe and North America and are primarily aimed at the 35-50-year-old demographic. This is executed through the effective use of social media and award-season coverage to maximise awareness.

During 2017, most of Dark Gray Entertainment’ resources will be dedicated to the development of How to Kill a Diva. This film is a psychological thriller which reveals the jealousy, drama and anger from inside the coveted world opera. Written by Gregory Gray, the film will be his directorial debut. Production is planned to begin in early 2018.

Dark Gray Entertainment devotes substantial energy to the expanding Chinese media market; we endeavour to produce and co-finance properties aimed at Chinese audiences. Upcoming projects in this light include Neon Capital Blues, a detective trilogy set in Shanghai. This kaleidoscopic rogue cop drama is being created in the spirit of male-led westerns and action-dramas such as Once Upon a Time in the West, A Better Tomorrow, Black Rain, and Heat. More information about this co-production will be released in late 2017.

Dark Gray Entertainment is partnered with Surf Pacific, in the United States and Australia, to offer a slate of innovative commercial marketing services to film production companies, and their entertainment properties, from around the world. The strategic purpose of these solutions is to maximise everything the film (or property) already has in pursuit of the widest viewership by window and/or distribution territory. Tactically these services form an integrated marketing approach to include: intelligence-driven marketing automation, social media exposure, formal referral systems, branding, and audience optimisation.

Dark Gray Entertainment is achieving international momentum, generating significant goodwill, and actively seeking to partner with a variety of respected industry businesses from around the world.